You can easily find a lease form, but it is important to make sure it is legal. A site like Nolo or RocketLawyer can have the support you need to move forward comfortably. Be sure to set the full terms and conditions of your contract, including when the lease begins and expires. The agreement should also include the expected amount of rent and the date it expires each month, as well as the consequences it was not concluded on that date. Whether you have an online rental agreement and sign it or have documents issued by your lawyer, your agreement should be enforceable as long as it is written, signed by both parties and covers all the issues that arise. If you failed to. B that customers have to resign and your tenant decides to opt for the extract, you will probably have a hard time charging late fees. This is where it may be helpful to consult a lawyer for your document before using it to make sure it contains everything. Renting a house or building unit can be a good way to make money. Thanks to technology, you can do most of the leasing transactions on your own, which will save you the trouble of hiring a lawyer and paying a high hourly rate. But even if you use papers like a lease form that you will receive online, it could pay if a lawyer has your documents checked before giving your tenant the green light to move in.

Your rental agreement should also cover all deposits you need, as well as the requirements for the return of refundable installments. Includes restrictions for residents and pets, subletting rules and restrictions for changes to the structure or its internal contents, including flooring and appliances. Finally, you should describe exactly what is required to terminate the lease before the original end date and the conditions under which you can terminate the lease. Once you have found a document that covers all these things, you should be able to download it and print it for signature. The terms of the lease and the lease can be used interchangeably, as they relate to the same thing. You can use your contract to highlight the legalities associated with it. Even if you don`t have a lawyer involved, the word on your papers could give the illusion that it was you. But tenants are used to the concept of “rent” when they sign papers for a new apartment or apartment for rent, so they understand that it is official if you choose this term. In the past, a lease or lease was based on paper, but more and more landlords and real estate agents are using electronic signatures. You can use a service such as DocuSign to download your PDF file and ask tenants for signatures, which saves you the time and effort to print everything and make copies. Once all parties have signed the agreement, a copy will be sent to each of them by email.

Thanks to the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act, an electronically signed rental form is just as legal as a paper signature, provided it complies with legal requirements. As with paper documents, all parties must intend to sign the agreement, all parties must declare themselves ready to carry out their activities electronically, the software that records the signatures must have a record of the steps that all parties have completed before signing and the records must be kept in accordance with the law. If you go with a serious electronic document signing service, your agreement will hold in court, but as with the content of your contract, it can never hurt a quick check with your lawyer. Stephanie Faris has been writing about finance for entrepreneurs and marketing companies since 2013. She spent almost a year as a ghost writer for a credit card processing service and wrote about finance for many marketing companies and entrepreneurs.