Wild vs Domestic Foxes

WILD VS DOMESTIC There has been great debate over when an animal is considered wild and when an animal is seen as domestic. Many people are confused by the matter or just do not have the correct information on hand. Recently, I saw a steady stream of negative comments regarding the owning of exotic animals [...]

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Do you have room for a pet fox?

DO YOU HAVE ROOM FOR A PET FOX? Domestic pet fox ownership shouldn’t be jumped into lightly. There are many factors you would want to address before deciding if pet fox ownership is right for you. One of those important topics is space. Foxes need an adequate area to live and play, if you happen [...]

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Domesticated pet foxes and you

DOMESTICATED PET FOXES AND YOU If you own a pet fox, then you’ve probably already become well-adjusted to your individual fox’s personality; but if you are aspiring to be a pet fox owner, then you’re probably wondering how you and a fox might get along if you choose to bring one into your family. Whether [...]

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Can you own a domesticated fox as a pet?

CAN YOU OWN A DOMESTICATED FOX AS A PET? Nearly everyone has owned a dog or a cat as a pet but have you ever thought, what would it be like to own an exotic pet? Domesticated foxes are quickly becoming more and more common as household pets in the states that it is legal [...]

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