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Scientific Name Diet Height Weight Life Span
Vulpes vulpes Omnivore 14-20 in (at shoulder) 10–30 lbs 14 years (captive) 5 years (wild)
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Red Fox Description

The red Fox is intelligent and cunning. They thrive in many diverse habitats and can even adapt well to human environments. The most common red fox can be distinguished by its bushy tail along with a reddish-brown coat. Their underneath consists of white fur along with a black nose and black legs. Due to the fur industry as well as domestic pet fox breeding, there are now many different color morphs available that you would not see in the wild.

Red Fox Diet  

In The Wild: Fruits, berries, grasses, squirrels, rabbits, mice, birds, crickets, caterpillars, grasshoppers, beetles and crayfish. As well as anything it can scavenge.

In Captivity: Raw meats (preferably not pork), high-quality kibble with taurine, eggs, vegetables, small prey (mice, chicks), fruits.

Red Fox Population

In The Wild: The wild red fox population varies region to region. Consisting of the widest geographical range, distributed over the entire northern hemisphere, the red fox can be found from the Arctic Circle to southern North America, North Africa, & Eurasia.

In Captivity: Slowly increasing as an exotic pet in the states in which it is legal. Check with your individual state, county, and city regarding legality. The red fox is native to many areas within the United States, thus resulting in some states banning ownership or requiring permits before purchasing.

Red Fox Behavior

• Solitary hunters
• Flexible diet
• Opportunistic eaters
• Their tail aids in balance, warmth, & communication.
• They urinate on objects to signal one another or to announce their presence.

Red Fox Reproduction

• Mating season ranges from late December until the end of March, with most matings taking place in January and February.
• Up to 11 kits per litter (averaging 6 per litter).
• Annual litters are born in March or April.
• Kits are born blind, deaf and toothless with dark brown fluffy fur.

Bucky the pet arctic marble fox (red fox color morph) playing fetch. facebook @ Bucky The Fox

Rocky Top is a pet red fox. Owned by Summer Edmonds.

Kuruck is a pet red fox color morph that is owned by Jordan Overstreet.