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Welcome to The National Fox League and Registry!

The Mission of the National Fox League and Registry is to preserve, continue and advance the life and lineage of all domestic captive born fox species, as well as, support and aid foxes in the wild. The League will make a positive impact on owners, breeders, and supporters alike. We, here at the NFL, promote legal, responsible, pet fox ownership and hope to create a strong fox community of proactive individuals united under one cause.

The National Fox League and Registry is the first fox registry for domestic foxes as well as rescued foxes, those both wild and domestic. As our focus is on recording Fox lineage in the United States, we are not exclusively National and would be happy to register any International domestic or rescued foxes living outside of these United States.

You can register a Single Domestic Fox, a Rescued Fox, a Litter, or you can apply as a Fox Supporter.

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Domestic Fox Registration

The NFL recognizes a DOMESTIC FOX as one that was captive born and purchased or adopted from a breeder. All foxes being purchased from a breeder would need to fill out the Single Domestic Fox Application. Completely fill out the application and be sure to include any parentage you may have on your fox from your specific breeder, preferably up to 3 generations. Any reputable breeder would be more than happy to provide you with this information before you apply for your registration with us.

Note: If you do not have any parentage provided from the breeder and cannot attain such information, then you are still welcome to register but your certificate will not include any lineage on said fox.

Single Domestic

$30per fox

Includes a signed, stamped certificate with a photo and a registration number along with a laminated fox ID card.

Rescued Fox Registration

The NFL recognizes a RESCUED FOX as one that was either, A) Wild born but unable to be rehabilitated and released back into the wild, in which no parentage would exist. B) Captive born and attained from a negligent pet fox breeder that was subsequently shut down due to misconduct, therefore said fox was placed in your care with or without parentage information.

Note: No parentage will be attainable for the wild rescued foxes and most captive born rescued foxes may not have any parentage that is known to the owner because of the circumstances in which the fox was attained. However, if you are one of the few that does have or can acquire this information, please provide it along with your application.

Be Advised: The NFL does not support the capturing of wild foxes and will not register any purposely caught healthy fox that’s life did not need a human intervening in. The NFL will also not register any wild fox that is capable of being rehabilitated and released back into the wild.

Single Rescued

$20per fox

Includes a signed, stamped certificate with a photo and a registration number along with a laminated fox ID card.

May or may not contain parentage, depending upon each circumstance.

Fox Litter Registration

All, USDA registered domestic fox breeders are welcome to apply for litter registrations. To register a litter, the parents of said litter must be NFL registered. If they are not yet registered with the NFL, please send in filled out Single Domestic Fox Applications for both parents along with the Litter Application. Upon completion of Litter Applications, applying breeder will receive individual papers to hand out with each kit.

Note: By registering a litter with the NFL, you are stating that you are legally USDA registered and approved to sell foxes in your state/county/city. The NFL does not ask for USDA information but if at any time, we are notified that said breeder is not legally licensed, we will be forced to ban that breeder from registering until said breeder has their license reinstated. All information on that breeder’s line will remain in the database as to preserve fox lineage.


$10per litter

Includes multiple stamped applications to hand out to each new kit owner upon purchase.

The number of applications will match the number of kits born to each litter.

Join the National Fox League

Don’t own a fox? Don’t worry because you can still become a part of the League and help foxes. The NFL offers a League Membership to all, from those that can’t legally own a fox in their area to those who adore foxes and support their well-being but do not have the time to care for one personally. All fox lovers, whether owner or admirer, can positively impact the entire species. True support for the betterment of this species is forever welcomed as we can never have enough advocates for such a majestic animal. Upon becoming a League Member, you will receive a National Fox League Membership Certificate along with a Member ID card.



Includes a signed, stamped certificate verifying your membership and thanking you for your support, accompanied by a laminated league membership ID card.

Please Doublecheck:

  • Provided Fox’s Full Name
  • Provided Fox Parentage
  • Provided Correct Info
  • Signed Applications
  • Provided Photos
  • Attached Money Order

The funds acquired through supporters, as well as applicants, will go back into the Registry to secure the continuation of the National Fox League and Registry. Upon establishment, we hope to donate a portion of funds to a creditable fox charity, until that time all funds received will go straight back into the company for supplies and costs of keeping the registry running.

By registering with the NFL you are stating that you attained your fox legally, as the National Fox League cannot be held liable for any misconduct or wrong doing on the part of the owner and/or breeder. The NFL also does not consider or investigate these matters before registration as that is your personal business between you, the state, county and city in which you live. The NFL is not a searchable online database, we do not share any owner, breeder, or parentage information with any person that has not been advised to receive said information from the registering party.

**Please allow 2-4 weeks for your application to arrive, to be processed and for your certificate to be returned to you. Make sure you correctly and completely fill out all necessary applications to avoid any delays in this process.**

The NFL reserves the right to cancel any registration at any time.

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