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Scientific Name Diet Height Weight Life Span
Vulpes zerda Omnivore 8 in (at shoulder) 1.5–3.5 lbs 14 years (captive) 10 years (wild)
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Fennec Fox Description

The Fennec Fox is pale brown in color and is the smallest of all foxes but they have the largest ears in proportion to their bodies. These large ears help to disperse body heat. The Fennec Fox also has a bushy, black-tipped tail (known as sweeps) which helps them to change direction while running. They have furry feet which help protect the soles of their feet from their hot habitat.

Fennec Fox Diet  

In The Wild: Rodents, eggs, reptiles, insects, small mammals, plants, & fruits. As well as anything it can scavenge.

In Captivity: Mealworms, crickets, silkworms, raw meats, eggs, small prey (mice, chicks), kibble high in taurine, vegetables, fruits, cherries (helps reduce odor in urine). The majority of their diet should consist of meat/protein.

Fennec Fox Population

In The Wild: The fennec fox lives in the sandy Sahara as well as elsewhere in North Africa and Saudi Arabia. They are native to Algeria, Chad, Egypt, Libya, Mali, Mauritania, Morocco, Niger, Sudan, Tunisia, and the Western Sahara.

In Captivity:  Among the most popular of exotic fox pets, the small fennec fox is a non-native fox species to the United States which lessons the restrictions upon owning one in many states. Check with your individual state, county, and city regarding legality.

Fennec Fox Behavior

• Nocturnal
• Can survive on low-water intake
• Opportunistic eaters
• Produce a variety of sounds (warning calls, barks, yaps, squeaks & purrs)
• Dwell in small groups (up to ten or more)
• Mark territory

Fennec Fox Reproduction

• Breeding season occurs January through March
• Births occur once a year
• Gestation period of 52 days
• Litters consist of 2-5 kits

Lucy The Fennec Fox, owned by Whitney Zohnd.

Lucy The Fennec Fox playing with kitten. Owned by Whitney Zohnd.

Lucy The Fennec Fox curious over toy. Owned by Whitney Zohnd.